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Silver-tone Green Calcite Necklace

Silver-tone Green Calcite Necklace Image
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Category 5: Hand crafted new.


Silvertone Chain
Green Calcite Stone

Chain = New
Metal Clasp= New
Metal Rings = New
Gemstone Link = New
Green Calcite = New, Natural, Mined in NC Hand Shaped, Ground and Polished.

Necklace Length: 26”
Gemstone: L:23mm, W: 18mm, Thickness:17mm
TL Weight: = 13.7 grams

This necklace is comprised of new material.

Our jewelry falls into several categories. The following scenarios explain the source of our jewelry and what the circumstances surrounding the item are. These categories will be listed in the descriptions and the items will be assigned the category number that applies to that specific item.

Category 1: New jewelry. The items in this category are purchased new, completed.

Category 2: Pre-owned jewelry. These are item that are in good to excellent condition, pre-owned current era jewelry.

Category 3: Vintage jewelry. These items are in good to excellent condition, older to antique preowned jewelry.

Category 4: Hand crafted combination. These items are created by us from new and pre-owned components the components will be specified in the description and stated new or pre-owned.

Category 5: Hand crafted new. These items are created by us from new material.

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